Children’s Ministry Curriculum (US Letter – Downloadable)

Children’s Ministry Curriculum (US Letter – Downloadable)

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Lionheart’s Disciples – Children’s Ministry Curriculum #1 FOUNDATIONS (Downloadable) is perfect for the kid’s ministry of your church as it’s scalable for any sized congregation (large, small or in between). It’s easy to use and highly engaging with children, is low workload and high impact. This Volume comes entirely as a download with weekly worksheets, lesson plans all printable on your end and great digital media ready to be played and displayed in your kids’ church.

This Children’s Ministry Curriculum is fashioned with world-class interactive worksheets for the children to work from and digital engaging digital media. It encourages church attendance with the 20 week program which concludes with a gorgeous Achievement Certificate (and congregational presentation if chosen).

Another great feature of this product is that it comes with full lesson plans, notes for leaders and sermon outlines that just need little polishing up to make your own. With our program you can prepare a full, engaging children’s ministry lesson quickly and make the best use of your valuable time.

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