USA Launch Fundraiser


The time and circumstances have now arisen for us to be able to bring this great range of Children’s Discipleship Resources to the U.S. While this lockdown is happening, we feel to raise the funds to sponsor the first print run of the Lionheart’s Disciples Workbook #1 Foundaitons to make it available while people are at home with their children.


These resources equip you the parent to be the one giving your child a thorough induction on the major areas of what the Bible has to say, they also cleverly incorporate a system by which you can have your children open their hearts to the Lord and walk with Him by faith.


In total, we need to raise about $35,000. Printing isn’t cheap, but that gives us a good amount of stock that we can continue with and a good landed cost per unit that makes the project viable long term.

God’s timing is always perfect, till now the doors have not been open but as of just recently our ministry 501(c)3 was approved in the U.S. and we can now offer a tax deductable receipt for all DONATIONS to this Ministry.


Also available for the fundraising campaign are PRE-ORDERS, so if you purchase your children’s Workbooks now they will be first to receive them in the U.S. once printed and you’ll be chipping-in to help us reach the total cost of covering the production bill.


Thank you so much for prayerfully considering partnering with us on this exciting venture. Take the next step on the discipleship journey with your kids and community, and jump on board with Lionheart’s Disciples to see the world and – your kids homegrown in God’s ways!