Our Mission

Today’s savvy generation of children are surrounded by media and imagery all day long. They have a ‘visual language’ of excellence which is ‘spoken’ to them constantly by many forces, and sophisticated marketing campaigns. What these marketers know is that inside of each child is a curiosity to explore and have fun. Unfortunately most of the material marketed towards children is not made to build up the child’s spiritual life or implant a Christian morality. But that is where Lionheart's Disciples comes in.


Within the Body of Christ around the world are varying practices, many traditions of worshiping God. To make this program as broad spectrum as possible, to fit as many practices as we can – we tailored the activities and the short teaching section around the bare essentials of our unified Christian traditions, the very basics of Christian belief and practice so it fits into your home, your practice and your tradition. Our goal is to resource you for passing on the values of your home and have no underlying doctrinal agenda other than the tenants that are distinctly Christian.


The target ages 7-14 is crucial. Children of this age will learn the lessons we teach them if we will make the time to do so. What a great opportunity we have to teach our children God’s Word. There are a good few years between reading age and teenage maturity (immaturity:) With this window of opportunity in mind, we aim to resource you with material to deliberately shape the future of your children’s morality by focusing on vital Bible references which work hand in hand with our proven children’s study formula.


From it’s original design for families, the program has created outreach resources and a full Children’s Ministry Curriculum to accompany the Foundations workbook, for churches to run concurrently with home use.

The range of FUN ACTIVITY BOOKLETS are perfect for outreach or any circumstance where you need a ready-made activity or would like something to begin the discipleship journey with your students.