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Lionheart's Disciples is a comprehensive children’s discipleship program developed by Australian Evangelist Tosh Sturgess.

From humble beginnings of creating fun activities (for his children to study their Bibles on the road) this program has grown to a range of high quality children’s discipleship resources for everyone.

The original concept was about introducing children to the core beliefs of the Christian faith, where they could learn these eternal lessons directly from the pages of the scriptures – for themselves.

There’s nothing more powerful than children reading the Word of God for themselves, then seeing God reveal His truth directly to them personally. This leaves an unshakable mark on the hearts of children. In a world that’s changing so rapidly there is no greater stability that we can give our kids than the truths of God’s Word – the Bible.

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After much consultation, trial and error, the creative process culminated with the original “Foundations” Workbook, containing 40 Studies, within the five Teaching Theme’s ‘Who is God’ – ‘Who is Jesus’ – ‘Who is the Holy Spirit’ – ‘The Names of God’ and ‘The Salvation Story’. These Themes walk the children through the Christian fundamentals in a fun, interactive way, that’s not too heavy to lose them in volumes of content, but with enough substance to leave them well fed spiritually and wanting more next time.

When a child holds a Lionheart's Disciples Workbook for the first time they have a sense of wonder, like they have just been given a treasure map and are excited to begin a new adventure.

Keep an eye out our our soon-to-be-released 6 study APEX WORKBOOKS, perfect for gifts at graduation ceremonies or for special achievements and 6 study LIFT WORKBOOKS, tailored for children going through some of life’s hardest challenges, that you can stand by them with practical help and Godly wisdom.