Lionheart's Music Collective

Lionheart's Music Collective

Partner with our Lionheart’s Music Collective and be a blessing with your music to discipling families all over the world.


Thank you for taking a moment to look at this exciting Lionheart’s Music Collective program. We put this program together so that the families using our Children’s Discipleship Program can be blessed with new music to use in their home and in their studies which they may have never been able to have access to through their daily circles.

This is a win-win for music creators like yourself who are looking to have their music exposed to a broader audience. We would love to host you as a Member Artist and have your worship music be a blessing to the families around the world that we love and support with great discipleship resources. Click below to skip to email form below and let’s get the ball rolling.


With the digital world connecting us all through the touch of a button not only will you be able to connect with new people who can hear and purchase your music, you can also forge new relationships with artists you’ve never known before, share skills, resources, networks and even form new musical collaborations.

Our first love is to bless the discipling families we support with resources, but we love it when new birds of the same feather can flock together in our online community!


In the present age the Body of Christ, the world over, is creating volumes of music that may not reach the broader audience of global distribution. We provide this platform for people or churches that have music ready to go and would love to make 1 song per album available for us to feature to our audience.

We hope this offer gives you great exposure and drives loads of traffic to your online presence.


For Artists who wish to provide sheet music which accompanies their original music we will also make those sheets available so others can begin to use play these songs themselves as worship music in their homes and in their Lionheart’s Disciples studies!


Our Lionheart’s Music Collective is not a licensing or distribution group. We operate as a platform for budding worship artists to simply use as a resource to help promote their content. No contracts are entered into with the expectation of royalties to flow to this platform, nor will any contracts be entered into with the expectation of paying for the use of music provided to this platform by any artist. We are a 100% blessing, all the way baby!


Take a moment now to sign up, be a blessing to our many families around the world and get your music out there a little further!